shook tuna

Tuan Dinh

I make stuff. Everyone calls me tuna 馃悷 because they can't pronouce my real name. They call me M瓢峄漣 at home which means 馃敓 in Vietnamese because I'm the 10th child. No bamboozle.

I like games 馃幃, currently playing PUBG a lot. #PochinkiLife #PaiNanLife


First Class - Game Technology (Bsc) - UWE, Bristol, UK, 2008-2011



馃悿 @muoi


DocuSign Integration 馃搩

2020 路 C#

Implement DocuSign into an existing product with OAuth authorization

Outlook Plugin 馃摟馃摢

2020 路 Outlook VSTO Add-in

A plugin to lookup customer info and create service call requests from within Outlook.

React Scan Station

2019 路 React JS, Express, Node JS, MSSQL, Firebird

Barcode scan station software used for goods in area in a warehouse enviroment.

Label Generation Software 馃馃敄

2019 路 VueJS, C# API, MSSQL, ZPL

Label generation software using Zebra label printers and ZPL to generate pretty labels. Created separate printer API server to print labels directly from the browser. Made as web component so can be used standalone or within another site.


2019 路 PHP, C#, .Net Core, Sqlite, MySql, Pusher

A job backup solution for Window Designer. Revision log for change tracking. Synchronizes to S3, OneDrive or Dropbox.

Aquaponic Monitor System 馃悷馃尡

2019 路 Python, Raspberry Pi, MQTT

An ongoing project to create an automated aquaponic system with my nephew.

Divine Shop 馃幃

2018 路 Database Optimization, PHP

MySql database and OpenCart optimization for Vietnam's biggest online game shop.

HQ Gaming - Cafe Client 馃幃

2016 - 2018 路 C#, Winform, Webform, MSSQL

Internet cafe management software. Features: ordering system, balance system, top up system, time based access, lock screen, admin users, session logs, session management, kick, ban users, kitchen order processing system.

EVA 馃

2012 - Ongoing 路 C# WebForm based with + VueJS web components

Started off with a simple search interface to an existing software and evolved to be a full business solution for Emplas Window Systems. Created many behind the scene applications that deal with emails, reporting, accounting, clock in system, etc. Interfaces with other third-party software to increase efficiency and reduce errors.

Quotation Software 馃搼

2014 路 C#, WebForm, Aspose PDF, PDF Generation

Used to create quotation packs for T&K and Emplas. Now migrated to EVA and allows trade customers to create their own customized quote packs too. Press release.

HTML5 Magazine Reader 馃摉

2013 路 HTML5, HammerJS, jQuery

Inline replace for existing flash magazine reader for mobile devices, iPad. Rendered using canvas. Features: tap to zoom on, page slide, interactive elements (links, videos, popups, page jumps). Press release.

Solar Quotation Software 馃搱鈿○煉

2013 路 C#, WinForm, Office Interop, PDF Generation

Software quotation software for T&K Home Improvements. Cut quotation time from 45 minutes to a few minutes. Auto calculation of FIT Tariffs